Research and Production Enterprise “MITEK” Limited Liability Company.

Year of foundation – 1993.

Main activities:
Development and implementation of new technologies based on the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, including the development and manufacture of equipment required for these purposes.


Sustainable development of the enterprise and the technology of magnetic-impulse cleaning in order to provide customers with the most efficient, reliable and rational solution to the problems of bulk materials hanging to optimize production processes, increase safety and productivity, reduce the number of repairs and downtime of processing lines and, as a result, increase the profitability of production in conjunction with the reasonable exploitation of natural, labor and energy resources, improvement of the ecological situation on Earth.


Over the years of development, the enterprise has passed a long way of improvement the developed and manufactured products, upbringing a highly qualified team of employees, and ensuring comfortable working conditions, as well as creating a good name and achieving the fame.

RPE “MITEK” LLC is the owner of a two-storey administrative and production building with an adjacent plot of land.

The production base of the enterprise includes:

  • design and research service;
  • laboratory and testing area;
  • electrical mounting site;
  • welding section;
  • mechanical treatment site and machinery equipment;
  • procurement section;
  • assembly section;
  • storages;
  • transport park,including cars,vans and trucks.

The total number of employees of the enterprise amounts around 40 people, more than 70% have higher engineering and technical education. The working staff includes candidates of technical sciences, graduate students, and applicants. At the enterprise the students of technical educational establishments of Mykolaiv undergo training, sub-degree and degree practice. The enterprise is fitted with the necessary equipment and means of mechanization.

RPE “MITEK” LLC is a regular participant in numerous competitions and exhibitions, the products of RPE “MITEK” LLC have been awarded the various prizes, and the enterprise holds a leading position in national ratings and annually obtains the status of “Enterprise of the Year”.

According to the results of state statistical data in the field of foreign economic activity, the company is regularly awarded “Exporter of the Year” title.


Certificate ISO 2015High professionalism, products reliability and quality of rendered services, sustainable development and aspiration to remain a leader are the main criteria in the activities of RPE “MITEK” LLC.

The availability of repeated orders of equipment confirms customer satisfaction with the efficiency of cleaning objects from suspended, frozen, adhered bulk materials, and testifies the high quality of our products as well.

Since 2013 the certified quality management system (CQM) has been implemented and successfully applied.

In 2016 RPE “MITEK” LLC successfully passed the recertification of the existing CQM in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, and in November 2019 – recertification of the existing CQM. Constant work is in progress to enhance, optimize and improve it.

Having successfully passed the annual supervisory and recertification audits, RPE “MITEK” LLC confirms that the applied quality management system meets the EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard in such fields as development, design, manufacture, supply and implementation of magnetic-impulse installations IM.

The certification is carried out in accordance with the auditing and certification procedures of TUV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH.

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