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RPE “MITEK” LLC is a developer of magnetic-impulse systems for collapsing of bulk materials bridging and the only manufacturer of IM installations

Magnetic-impulse installations IM – efficient solution on elimination and prevention of hanging, sticking and freezing of bulk materials in hoppers, silos, chutes and other objects, used in course of transportation, storing and processing of bulk materials in different fields of industry.

Scheme of hoppers equipping by magnetic-impulse system of arches collapsing on the base of installation IM



Exterior of installations IM


High efficiency

Higher efficiency of magnetic-impulse systems of cleaning, implemented by magnetic-impulse installations IM, in comparison with other systems (vibrators, pneumatic collapsing) due to feasibility of harmonization of amplitude-frequency performances of impacting impulse with physico-topological parameters of hoppers and bulk material and, as a result, achievement of secured collapsing of stuck material with minimal energetic expenditures.

Low expenditures

Low operational expenditures. Magnetic-impulse technologies in essence are energy-saving ones. The average consumption of eletric power in the operational mode — no more than 0,2-1,0 кWt/hour. In contrast to system of pneumatic collapsing the compressors and preparation devices (drying) of air are not required. The expenditures on technical maintenance of installations IM during operation are minimal.

Increase in production

Increase of labour productivity, volumes of product output due to extension of throughput capacity of hoppers, conveyor paths, reduction in time of forced standstill related to manual cleaning of hoppers, chutes, charging trays of sinter machines, especially in the conditions of use of charge materials with high content of moisture.

The quality improvement, diminishing of finished products rejects due to the timely release of materials from containers, that contributes to compliance with the requirements of production technology.

Enhanced security

Labor safety improvement by eliminating the need for manual labor to clean hoppers and other containers. The design of the components and non-contact impulse action on the wall of hopper provides the possibility of IM installations use in high-risk premises.

Constructions integrity

In contrast to use of eccentric vibrators or manual labor, the integrity of hopper walls is secured in the process of cleaning. Magnetic-impulse installations IM due to specifics of operation, connected with insularity of source of impulse disturbance within the limits, restricted by extreme points of executive mechanism fastening to hopper wall, small amplitude of oscillations of surface to be cleaned (around 1 mm), absence of possible emergence of any resonant events (one-off actuation at intervals of few seconds), doesn’t have any significant impact on the welds and supporting structures. Installations IM function in the area of elastic deformations of surface to be cleaned. Mechanical stress, arising in the cleaned surface, doesn’t exceed the limit of fatigue or circular strength. Thus in course of installation operation the damage to the hopper walls is excluded. The electro-mechanical vibrators, executing alternating impact on the cleaned surface, result in arising of fatigue events in places of fastening to this surface with its subsequent destruction. Besides this, as the frequency of proper oscillations of vibrator is close to proper frequency of hopper oscillations, so this can bring about the resonant events, disrupting the places of hopper fastening to supporting structures.

Reliability and durability

Reliability and durability of magnetic-impulse systems owing to absence in the executive mechanisms of colliding, rotating and rubbing parts, use of original scheme solutions, availability of broad range of protections against emergency modes. Service life of installations IM up to major overhaul for at least 10 years. In practice, with timely technical service the life is much longer.

Production automation

Being in development over decades, our equipment control systems provide optimal ease-of-use and high-definition data for maximum collapsing and cleaning performance. The flexible control system enables the installations IM to operate in manual mode, in remote control mode, and also in fully automatic mode. Maximum operational reliability as well as operational safety is ensured by monitoring and protection functions integrated into the control system. There are also functions of control and protection against accidental or intentional errors in the management.

Equipment safety

Magnetic-impulse installations IM have a European certificate, declarations of Ukraine and the Russian Federation on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility directives, as well as a declaration of conformity with ATEX Directives, do not have a harmful effect on sensitive elements of control and measuring equipment, are compatible with various strain gauge devices.


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