We are always interested in finding dealers and sales agents in various regions and markets not covered by our products. A developed and efficient dealer network is an important component of business productivity and an essential link for its upscaling.

RPE “MITEK” LLC is steadily and successfully developing company, introducing new production technologies, improving the level of customer service, enhancing the quality of magnetic-impulse products, and increasing production capacities, that allows us to fulfill an increasing number of orders.

If you wish to become an official dealer of RPE “MITEK” LLC, simply fill out the form below or send your offer by e-mail. When sending a letter, be sure to include contact information and specify the region where you are ready to represent our company.

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Please choose the region where the interests of RPE “MITEK” LLC are not yet represented by any dealer. Preferred regions are Western Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia.

The expansion of the dealer network is one of the main vectors for the development of RPE MITEK LLC, therefore we are aimed at establishment of effective partnership on favorable terms for each party.

We constantly improve the technological processes, use high-quality innovative materials and increase the level of professionalism of each of our employees. As a result, being a dealer of RPE MITEK LLC is advantageous, prestigious and profitable.

After becoming an official dealer of RPE MITEK LLC, you will get the following benefits of cooperation:

  • priority and efficiency of processing orders;
  • possibility of official participation in tenders;
  • optimal schemes of interaction and document circulation;
  • marketing support in the form of advertising and information materials;
  • logistics support and delivery of products to anywhere in the world;
  • favorable prices and additional discounts;
  • technical support, training and consultations of our specialists.

When considering the dealer offers, the preference will be given to those ones who:

  • acts as a representative in a new region for us;
  • has the technical capacity to perform electrical works;
  • ready to provide the client with services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the implemented equipment;
  • familiar with the problem of eliminating the hanging of bulk materials;
  • has established business relationships with potential customers;
  • is a legal entity with the necessary permit documentation.
After becoming a dealer of RPE “MITEK” LLC you will find a reliable business partner!